Divisions at MES

MES Offers three robust academic divisions.

National Division

The Egyptian National Education at MES provides a very strong academic foundation for students.At MES, the National Division encourages hands on experiences and project based learning techniques.
MES places strong emphasis on the development of language skills; proficiency in the English language is a mandate and focus for all MES students.

A second language, French or German, is offered starting Primary 1 (Year 4 and Grade 4 in the British and American Divisions) and is also given high importance to expand students’ cultural perspective. Studying German at MES offers a robust cultural experience as the German Department presents students with several projects and opportunities to practice the language. Through the MES affiliation with the Goethe Institut students may choose to sit for the Fit 1 exam once they are ready for it while Fit 2 qualifies students to travel for a further language course in Germany. For more information please visit Goethe Institut.

Students studying French at MES also qualify ,through the school’s cooperation with the Institut Francais d’Egypt au Caire (I.F.), to sit for the Delf exam starting grade 6. For more information visit Institut Francais d’Egypte au Caire (I.F.) .
Besides focusing on academic excellence, MES also puts great emphasis on developing students’ talents and skills through year round activities and programs. These range from traditional sports and art activities to citizenship, personality development and career building activities. Please download the MES newsletters for updates on our most recent activity programs.

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British Division

The British education prepares our students to be confident in working with ideas and information; their own and those of others, innovative and equipped to face current and potential challenges as well as intellectually engaged ready to learn and make a difference.

Students may join the MES British Division starting Year 1. The school offers both Cambridge and Pearson (Edexcel) qualifications. To support our students’ success, the MES does not stop at providing the best qualified IGCSE teachers in Egypt but also supports students in subject selection and career advising to ensure they excel beyond their school years. MES high achievers are awarded yearly, by the British Council for their outstanding performances.

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American Division

The American system greatly develops students’ interpersonal and academic skills, making the transition to University much easier. The curricula follows the California standards, while English and Math follow the Common Core Standards. Social Studies subjects are adapted to Egypt and the Middle East to ensure our students get a strong cultural foundation. AP (Advanced Placement) courses are offered in High School. AP courses are University level courses that provide students with University credit. MEAS is one of a very few Schools that offer AP courses. MEAS is also an AP testing center.

The MES American Division received an overwhelmingly positive overall assessment in its third periodic accreditation from AdvancED May, 2012. The school received the highest rating “Highly Functional” in 5 out of 7 standards, a rating awarded to very few schools worldwide. The MES received its first AdvancED accreditation (known as CITA at that time) in August 2001 and again in May 2007 as part of the customary accreditation review process every 5 years.

Students may join the American Division at MES starting Pre-K (KG1).

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