Q1- Can I apply in more than one division to increase my child's chances for acceptance?

MES admissions policy does not allow the same student to apply in more than one division during the same academic year.

Q2- I missed the application date, what do I do?

Applications are only accepted during the announced dates. Kindly check the admissions page regularly for any updates.

Q3- Do I have to come in person along with my child to the school when submitting the application form?

Presence of student is not needed at this stage. Either parent can submit the application form.

Q4- Is it a must that both parents attend the interview with their children?

Yes, both parents must attend the interview with their child. Exceptions are made in cases where a parent lives/works abroad.

Q5- Due to an emergency, we won't be able to make it to the assessment exam on the appointed date. What do I do?

Please contact the Admissions Office at info@mes.edu.eg 3 working days before the appointed exam date to reschedule. This does not apply for KGs Interviews.

Q6- My child passed the assessment exam and I was given an appointment for an interview. Does this imply that my child has been accepted to MES?

Admissions to the school depends on assessment exam results as well as the outcome of the personal interview.

Q7- What are the documents needed with the application form?

No documents are required until the student is accepted. (except if applying to the American Division)

Q8- What is the MES criteria of acceptance ?

Students are accepted based on:

  • Assessment Exam result
  • Personal interview